There is nothing I hate more than burying children. I have heard it said that old men must die...yet young men do die. But what about the children?? In Africa, I have literally buried dozens of babies under 5 years old. The latest happened today. <br /><br />In Nanyangakipi, our church's treasurer is Anna. She has 2 daughters. I did not go out there this past week...we are in the middle of building a kitchen and library in the village of Napetet...and her youngest daughter grew sick with malaria. Before word could reach me (2 days walk away), she died. As soon as I heard she was sick, I went to help only to find all I could do is help bury her.<br /><br />It is such a defeat for me. I host medical clinics, dig wells, carry all I find to the hospital for treatment...and still the babies die. I do not know what else I can do. Sickness is a result of fallen is not from God. I hate sin, sickness, and Satan!<br /><br />Please pray for Anna and her family. Her husband is not saved and he believes death came to their daughter because they did not take her to the witchdoctor. <br /><br />Pray for all in Nanyangakipi, for their faith to be strengthened. Also pray for me. Today was really hard. There is nothing harder for me than placing a dead child in the ground and literally burying them. It calls for grace and strength that can only come from God. It also causes me to want to hold my own babies and know they are ok. But just as I trust God to take care of the Turkana people, I trust Him to care for and protect Breanne & Michaella.<br /><br />Ekiru<br /><br />
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