the song of amazing grace is ringing in my ears. it is almost 5pm and i just came in from church. i went out to nanyangaikipi. the house was full...which is a victory in itself. i was shocked to see anna on the front pew, her remaining twin tied to her back, her older daughter, lucy, standing directly in from of her...and she was leading in a song! she also sang in the choir and praised God with every breath. what amazing grace i saw today!!<br /><br />my heart broke for her and the loss she has suffered and i thought i would go today and try to bring her and the church some encouragement from the Lord...and it was me who left with a full cup!<br /><br />afterwards, i carried a truck full of people...i honestly do not know how many...there were arms and elbows everywhere, to the hospital. malaria has hit hard in the village and i will do everything in my power to keep another from dying. please pray for nanyangakipi. so many are suffering from sickness. the rains that came in other places, did not reach them. their animals are suffering. for a people that literally live off their animals, this spells trouble. please pray for them.<br /><br />i also ask for your prayers. i am beat. but as i taught through 2 timothy 2 today, i know that is par for the course for anyone trying to live for god. there is much hardness and we must endure as good soldiers!!<br /><br />thank you to all who have prayed for me this past week. you all have been such a blessing!<br /><br />much love,<br />ekiru
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