2010...two thousand ten or twenty-ten...either way, it is a new year! With it comes hope, and a desire to be a more acceptable child of God...that the trials, sins, and failures of last year will not carry into this one. This is where I find myself tonight...with hope and promise.<br /><br />There has been much planning and prayer this week. I met with the pastors on Monday and again today. Every one had a great time of fellowship and my heart is encouraged greatly by their vision.<br /><br />The trouble in Kerio is finished. The soldiers are still there, but the road is open again and things are getting back to normal. I hope to finish the post work in Nangolipus next week. I went yesterday to measure the building at Nakechichok and to help in a medical clinic. We hope to build benches for this church before February.<br /><br />Pastors Michael and Steven have finished their planning. They will return to Sudan to help missionary John the first 2 weeks in February. I plan to follow them in March. Please pray for John and his work among the Tuposa. <br /><br />I got a report from his sponsoring church (Makina BC in Nairobi) and John said the folks in Sudan call us (the folks in Turkana) the Tuposa of Kenya. They claim to be the original tribe. All I know, the 2 groups share one the pastors from here can go there and be an effective witness. I praise God for their vision and willingness to be used anywhere.<br /><br />We are also finalizing plans to drill more wells the last of January through the first 2 weeks of February. I hope to start at Nangolipus (they are the most remote and desperate for water) and then Nanyangakipi. Nakechichok now has 2 are no longer in great need. However, the folks in Naduat are thirsty. We hope to organize the Bible study there in August and a well would be a huge blessing to the new church. Please pray for these plans.<br /><br />We will take a survey tomorrow of a new village. It is (kind of) between Nakechichok and Nanyangakipi (we have churches in both of these villages)but a long ways away too. I am told it is a very large village but there is not a church of any kind there. Please help us pray for this survey trip and for God to open a door.<br /><br />That will make 8 villages we will be working in. While I praise God for what He has is a huge reminder, there is much work ahead of us. Please join us in prayer to the Lord of the harvest to raise up more laborers in Turkana.<br /><br />Thank you for all your love, support, encouraging words, and prayers. You are more of a blessing than you know.<br /><br />Much love,<br />Ekiru<br /><br />
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