HEAVEN CAME DOWN... @ 11 May 2010
Let me begin by again saying how sorry I am that it has taken me this long to post another entry. I just have NO time to myself these days...which translates into no computer time...no journal time.<br /><br />Any way...<br /><br />I am in Pensacola, Florida right now. I left my friends/family in Texarkana, Arkansas Thursday morning and headed for the Sunshine State.<br /><br />Much has happened since coming to Pensacola...but I just HAVE to share this one thing. I am exhausted and will not write much...but I wanted to rejoice with you.<br /><br />Rarely in America do I see the Holy Spirit so grip a lost soul that they are literally sobbing. Tonight, Tiffany, a 16 year old girl from Foley, Alabama came to church with my dear friend Paul. During the service it was OBVIOUS she was under heavy conviction...which just causes this bulldog preacher to tighten my bite.<br /><br />When the invitation began, she raised her hand that she knew would not go to heaven when she died, was under deep conviction...but would not step out and come forward.<br /><br />After the service, Paul and I asked Tiffany if she would be willing to talk with me privately in a Sunday School classroom. As soon as she came into the room, she broke into tears. I led her down the Roman Road and she prayed out for Jesus to save her soul. Afterwards, she hugged my neck and thanked me for helping her meet Jesus!<br /><br />It just does not get any better than that! <br /><br />Tomorrow is the District Ladies Auxillery meeting. I will hold the program and preach afterwards. Then services that night and will finish the revival Wednesday.<br /><br />I am extremely tired in my body and mind...but my cup runneth over.<br /><br />Please pray for this meeting in Pensacola and for Landmark MBC.<br /><br />Much love,<br />Ekiru
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