BURYING THE DEAD @ 31 Aug 2010
There is much that i LOVE about living in Turkana...but dealing with the dead is NOT one of them!<br /><br />Since I am the only one here with a truck, it fqlls to me to transport the body back to the village for burial...if they die at the hospital in Lodwar.<br /><br />I really do not mind so much, it is the very least I could do for the grieving family and church. But dealing with the dead is something I never easily forget.<br /><br />The smell that lingers in my truck (though I think it is mostly in my head), the primitive way folks are buried (no casket, no vault...dig a shallow grave, place the body wrapped in a shuka or lasso, say a prayer, close the grave), the hard expressions (no crying allowed), the culture that forbids ever mentioning them again...all of it makes death in turkana difficult for me.<br /><br />An old brother from Nanyangakipi named Musa died late yesterday evening at the hospital. I baptized him in 2006 when we organized our church in that village. I got the call and made plans to carry his body back early this morning.<br /><br />Taking the Spiritual out of things (though I am thankful God has called me here to help folks like Musa hear about Jesus and be saved), today was really hard!<br /><br />Not exactly how I planned to kick things off in Turkana again...but it is all part of the work. <br /><br />Please pray for us...<br /><br />Much love,<br />Ekiru
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