NAKECHICHOK @ 26 Sep 2011
At the invitation of Pastor David, I travelled to the village of Nakechichok for a few days to help in a camp meeting at this church.<br /><br />I taught 4 times, preached once. He taught 3 times...all in 3 days! It was a great time with this sweet church.<br /><br />One of the surprises that came the reaction from the church when I preached on tithing Sunday morning. They applauded! I have never seen such joy, excitement, and praise in a tithing message before! It was AWESOME! <br /><br />They also presented me with a goat and several baskets to show their love and appreciation for me coming to help. <br /><br />If there ever was a church in Turkana like the churches of Macedonia Paul wrote about in Corinthians, who knew great grace, who first gave themselves to the Lord, I believe it is Nakechichok Landmark Baptist Church.<br /><br />I am thankful God has allowed me the priviledge to know them, love them, and serve Him along side them.<br /><br />Much Love,<br />Ekiru
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