LOOKING BACK @ 13 May 2014
It has been an interesting time here in Turkana. Not only is there a restructuring of power in the government. There seems to be a restructuring in the work of God as well.<br /><br />Satan has fought hard to destroy the unity we have enjoyed from day one. Sin is a dangerous thing and comes in all forms. It affects us all.<br /><br />Jealously took root in the heart of a couple of men. It was given room to grow. However, God is able!<br /><br />He is able to root it out! He is able to mend destroyed relationships! He is able, He is able, HE IS ABLE! <br /><br />Much ground has been covered in this area. Unity is back! All of our churches are working together again and all have started Bible studies in new villages. We have hope and pray that God will allow these new studies to grow into churches.<br /><br />I am so thankful for the struggles we have endured. It is in our darkest hour that we can truly appreciate the presence of Light!<br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie Ekiru
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