DEMON TRUCK @ 13 May 2014
My truck continues to give me trouble! I put it in the river last Easter (a year ago) and have made considerable repairs since then.<br /><br />I am trying to wrap up my time in Turkana so I can head to America for the summer.<br /><br />I replaced the steering rack last week and had my mechanic inspect everything to make sure the truck is able to make the journey to Nairobi. He assured me it was. <br /><br />Sunday, the bottom of the radiator cracked!<br /><br />I took my truck back to my mechanic on Monday. He was surprised to learn I had a problem as the truck just passed his inspection 3 days before. I told him my radiator was cracked. He shook his head and said, Eddie, I think there is a demon in your truck! <br /><br />Only in Turkana!
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