Last Sunday, I visited our Bible Study in the village of Kewal. The previous Sunday was spent in our Bible Study in the village of Nabuin. Both of these are about 18 months old and progressing nicely.

In Kewal, I taught on the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit. Part of this lesson included His role in the writing of the Holy Scriptures.

Sitting in the dry riverbed of Kewal, I was hit with this reality...the Holy Spirit is still writing the story of God on hearts in Turkana. People who have never heard of Jesus are now hearing. Due to the remote location of so many villages, there are countless numbers who still need to hear. There is so much work to be done that it overwhelms me.

To illustrate this point, let me tell you about Thomas. His elderly parents have been attending our Bible Study and both have made a profession of faith. There are many who are sick. After the lessons, we had a special time of prayer. Thomas' parents came forward to ask for prayer for him. After our prayer time, we loaded up in my truck and went to find Thomas.

When we got to his hut, he was not conscious. A young man and I picked him up under reach arm and began to carry him out of the boma (bunch of small huts that belong to one family). When we got to the entry, his dad had us stop. He removed Thomas' shuka and took a half of a gourd (used like a bowl) filled with water, and began to sprinkle the water from his son's head to his feet. The remaining water in the gourd, he poured out in a small line leading from the boma to my truck. We were then instructed to carry Thomas over this thin line of water.

I have never seen this practice done before. I asked one of my brothers here to explain what I had witnessed.

He said their culture teaches them that you must give an offering to remove a curse. Sickness is a curse. Since he had little more to give, he gave an offering of water with the hope that it would cleanse his son.

Thomas died and we buried him. I am left with the question, did Thomas ever look for something more than a sprinkling of water to cleanse him of his sin?

Because of the remote location of his village, I do not know if this young man ever heard the name of Jesus, if he ever knew that God loved him.

It has been asked before, Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice when there are those in the world who have never heard it once?

Pray for us as we strive to take the Gospel to those who have yet to hear.
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