Profiles of the people of Turkana

When a woman gives birth, she has the honor of being called mama, followed by the name of the child. There is a church member in Napetet who named her fourth child Eddie. She is referred to as "Mama Eddie." She is Ruth.

Ruth is a testimony of God's power. Several year ago, she found herself in a very difficult situation. Faced with overwhelming obstacles, she had nowhere to turn...except to God.

She accepted Jesus as her Savior and followed in His example by submitting to baptism. Since her salvation, she has grown in her faith. God has restored what the locusts have taken from her. She has a wonderful husband, four beautiful children and a home of her own.

She is the leader of the choir at Napetet LBC and serves the church in many ways. She also works as a translator anytime we have ladies visiting from America. She teaches the women and the children in several of our churches.

I wanted to share a bit of her story so that you can pray for her and her family. God has given Ruth many victories in her life and her faith in God is unwavering. May we all trust God, even in our darkest hours. The Son is ready to shine!